Dorothy Unknown (Jacob)

( - before 19 August 1667)
     Dorothy Unknown (Jacob) was born in Suffolk.
     Dorothy Unknown (Jacob) married Edmund Jacob, son of Edmund Jacob and Sara Stevens. James Jacob described his ascent to this marriage: 1. Thomas Jacob (3x great grandfather) b. 24.7.1785 Stoke by Clare, Suffolk
2. John Jacob (4x) b. 19.2.1749 Withersfield
3. John Jacob (5x) b. 26.2.1723 Preston
4. John Jacob (6x) b. 22.8.1701 Thurston
5. Edmund Jacob (7x) d. 9.2.1708 Thurston m. 14.2.1686 Rougham to Margaret Moore (brother of Dorothy & John of Drinkstone).
     Dorothy died before 19 August 1667 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. She was buried on 19 August 1667 in All Saints, Drinkstone.

Child of Dorothy Unknown (Jacob) and Edmund Jacob

Dorothy Unknown (Seadon)

(say 1695 - )
     Dorothy Unknown (Seadon) was born say 1695.

Child of Dorothy Unknown (Seadon) and William Seadon

Dorothy Unknown (Steer)

(circa 1558 - before 19 August 1644)
     Dorothy Unknown (Steer) was born circa 1558.
     Dorothy Unknown (Steer) married Thomas Steer, son of Unknown Steer, before 1591.
     Dorothy died before 19 August 1644 in Darley, Derbyshire. She was buried on 19 August 1644 in Darley.

Children of Dorothy Unknown (Steer) and Thomas Steer

Edith Unknown

(circa 1914 - 3 November 1996)
     Edith Unknown was born circa 1914.
     Edith died on 3 November 1996 in Chilton Meadow Nursing Home, Stowmarket, Suffolk, England. Age 82.

Child of Edith Unknown and Albert Edward Bennington

Edith Unknown (Haulse)

(say 1665 - circa 1701)
     Edith Unknown (Haulse) was born say 1665.
     Edith Unknown (Haulse) married John Haulse before 1685. Edith was present at Edith Haulse's christening on 7 September 1685 in St Phillip, Barbados. Edith was present at Matthew Haulse's christening on 21 July 1689 in St Phillip, Barbados.
     Edith Unknown (Haulse) made a will dated 4 July 1700 in St Phillip, Barbados. Will of Edith Halls, widow of St Philips parish 4 July 1700 : she mentions sons Jonathan Halls and Matthew Halls and daughter Edee Halls - executors; daughter Susan Cave. Signed Edith (x) Hallse. Witnessed by John William Northey.
     Edith died circa 1701 in St Phillip, Barbados. There is no record of her death at St Phillip's parish, however there were only 8 burials in 1701 and 19 in 1700..
     Her will was proved on 12 November 1701.

Children of Edith Unknown (Haulse) and John Haulse

Edith Unknown (Robertson)

Edith Unknown (Tippett)

Children of Edith Unknown (Tippett) and Nicholas Tippett

Eileen Unknown

Eileen Unknown

     Eileen Unknown married Malcolm Alwyn Ruby, son of Richard Norman Ruby and Mary Louisa Annear.

Eleanor Unknown

( - between 16 March 1330 and 10 October 1330)
     Eleanor Unknown married Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale as his third wife. His widow married 1305/6 as his first wife, Richard Waleys [Lord Waleys].
     Eleanor died between 16 March 1330 and 10 October 1330.

Eleanor Unknown

     Eleanor Unknown married John Bowker, son of Unknown Bowker and Margaret Unknown.
     In John Bowker's will dated 4 August 1556 in All Saints, Northampton, Eleanor Unknown was named as executrix of the estate; The will of John Bowker, glover of All Saints Northampton mentions his mother Margaret Brayfield, his four daughters Anne, Margerie, Agnes & Margaret, all under 21; his brother Sir William Bowker, his brother Richard Brayfield and Richard's son John (his godson); his sister Alice and Henry Smith her son; his cousin Myles; and his wife Eleanor who is sole executrix.

Children of Eleanor Unknown and John Bowker

Eleanor Unknown (Poole)

(circa 1520 - before 16 November 1582)
     Eleanor Unknown (Poole) was born circa 1520.
     Eleanor Unknown (Poole) married Thomas Poole, son of Thomas Poole and Joan Unknown, before 1582 in Sussex. The marriage was not at Goring.
     Eleanor died before 16 November 1582 in Goring, Sussex. She was buried on 16 November 1582 in Goring. Elenor wife of Thomas Pole.

Eleanor Unknown (Ryther)

(before 1310 - )
     Eleanor Unknown (Ryther) was born before 1310 in England.
     Eleanor Unknown (Ryther) married Sir John Ryther, son of Sir William Ryther and Lucy de Ros, before 1328. Eleanor Unknown (Ryther) was mentioned in a conveyance of property in 1328. York. Octave of the Purification, 2 Edw III, 1328: William, Bishop of Norwich, Richard de Ayremynne, and Master Adam de Ayremunne, quer., John son of William de Ryther and Alianora his wife, def., of twelve messuages, 30 tofts, one mill, 2 carucates and 4 bovates of land, and 12 1/2 acres of meadow, in Crathorn: To hold to the Bishop Richard and Master Adam, and the heirs of the Bishop. Quitclaim by John and Alianora for themselves and the heirs of Alianora. The querants gave 100 marks.
York, Octave of Trinity, 2 Edward III, 1328: Robert de Arches of Smytheton, quer., John de Ryther and Alionara his wife, def., of one messuage, one toft, 52 acres of land 7 sh. rent, in Kirkesmythton and Shadewell: to hold to Robert and his heirs; he gave 20 marks.

Eleanor Unknown (Vodry)

(say 1635 - )
     Eleanor Unknown (Vodry) was born say 1635.
     Eleanor Unknown (Vodry) married George Vodry before 1655.

Children of Eleanor Unknown (Vodry) and George Vodry

Eleanor or Ellen Unknown (Silvester)

(say 1625 - before 20 May 1669)
     Eleanor or Ellen Unknown (Silvester) was born say 1625.
     Eleanor or Ellen Unknown (Silvester) married Thomas Silvester, son of Nicholas Silvester and Isabel Senior, circa 1645. There is a report of a clandestine & bigamous marriage between Thomas Silvester of Ecclesfield & Anne Silvester, 'his pretended wife' in 1635. The minister thought Silvester's first wife 'was dead of childbirth' see Birth, Marriage, and Death: Ritual, Religion, and the Life-cycle in Tudor via Googlebooks.
     Eleanor died before 20 May 1669 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. She was buried on 20 May 1669 in Ecclesfield.

Children of Eleanor or Ellen Unknown (Silvester) and Thomas Silvester

Eliza Unknown

(between 1803 and 1814 - )
     Eliza Unknown was born between 1803 and 1814 in Ixworth, Suffolk.
     Eliza Unknown married Thomas Catterson Cocksedge, son of Thomas Cocksedge and Mary Simpson Catterson.
     Eliza Unknown and Thomas Catterson Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Norton St Andrew, Suffolk. Thomas Cocksedge, head, 47, harness maker master, born Norton, his wife Eliza 36, born Ixworth and mother Mary S, widow, aged 78, born Pakenham.
     Eliza Unknown and Thomas Catterson Cocksedge appeared on the 1861 census in Fishers? Lane, Norwich, St Laurence, Norfolk. Thomas Cocksedge. 57, collar & harness maker, born Norton, Sfk; and his wife Eliza, 46, housekeeper, were lodging with Henry Mills, a married porter.
     Eliza Unknown and Thomas Catterson Cocksedge appeared on the 1871 census in St Gregory, Norwich, Norfolk. Thomas Cocksedge, aged 67, harness maker, born Norton, Suffolk with his wife Eliza, aged 65, horse milliner, born Ixworth, Suffolk.

Eliza Unknown

     Eliza Unknown married Thomas Fawler before 1721.

Child of Eliza Unknown and Thomas Fawler

Eliza Unknown

(circa 1838 - )
     Eliza Unknown married George Hammond, son of William Hammond and Mary Sutton. Eliza Unknown was born circa 1838 in Ringshall, Suffolk.

Eliza Unknown

     Eliza Unknown married John Augustus Dempster, son of Percival Wilkes Dempster and Mary Ann Sophia Elizabeth Dean, before 1900.

Children of Eliza Unknown and John Augustus Dempster

Eliza Unknown

(circa 1859 - )
     Eliza Unknown was born circa 1859 in Derbyshire.
     Eliza Unknown married Henry Rich, son of Henry Rich and Sarah Haywood, circa 1878.
     Eliza Unknown and Henry Rich appeared on the 1881 census in Brightside Bierlow, Yorkshire. Henry Rich 31, engine fitter, born Rufford, Ntt; his wife Eliza G. Rich 22, born Derbyshire, daughter Selina E. Rich 2, born Sheffield, Yks, Emily Boden 25, boarder, dressmaker, born Shropshire.

Child of Eliza Unknown and Henry Rich

Eliza Unknown (Handy)

(circa 1825? - before 1880)
     Eliza Unknown (Handy) was born circa 1825? In Ireland.
     Eliza Unknown (Handy) married Samuel Wesley Handy, son of Fleming Handy and Catherine Eliza Kirkman, before 1851. This is presumably his second marriage as Eliza at 25 is too young to be the mother of Samuel aged 15..
     Eliza died before 1880.

Eliza Unknown (Mackglew)

(circa 1800? - )
     Eliza Unknown (Mackglew) was born circa 1800?.
     Eliza Unknown (Mackglew) married Daniel Mackglew, son of Daniel Mackglew and Ann Taylor, before 1821. A Daniel Mackglew obtained a marriage licence in 1820 to marry at Raddington, Somerset.
     Eliza Unknown (Mackglew) married John Taylor on 5 December 1836 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey, England. This is only supposition until the death of Daniel is found.

Children of Eliza Unknown (Mackglew) and Daniel Mackglew

Eliza Unknown (widow of Grimwood)

(before April 1808 - )
     Eliza Unknown (widow of Grimwood) was born before April 1808 in Battisford, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Temporary Grimwood.
     Eliza Unknown (widow of Grimwood) appeared on the 1881 census in Battisford, Suffolk. Eliza Grimwood, aged 73, widow, in the household of Abraham Wright, born Battisford.

Eliza or Elisabeth Unknown

(circa 1792 - 14 February 1874)
     Eliza or Elisabeth Unknown was also known as Elisabeth Taylor ? in records. She was born circa 1792 in Kings Lynn.
     Eliza or Elisabeth Unknown married Alexander Bowker, son of Alexander Bowker and Ann Emerson, on 10 November 1813.
     Eliza or Elisabeth Unknown and Alexander Bowker were recorded on the 1851 census in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Alexander Bowker 66, Retired corn merchant, born Lynn, Nfk; his wfe Elizabeth Bowker 59, children Alexander Bowker 35, Samuel Bowker 22, Emma Bowker 26, with 3 servants John Rust 45. Adelaide Anthony 20, Elizabeth Drew 18.
     Eliza or Elisabeth Unknown appeared on the 1861 census. Elizabeth Bowker 69, head, born Lynn, sons Alexander Bowker 45, corn merchant, James Bowker 33, commercial brewer, both born Lynn; wiuth 2 servants Sarah Thompson 39, Susan Riches 21.
     Eliza died on 14 February 1874 in King's Lynn, Norfolk.

Children of Eliza or Elisabeth Unknown and Alexander Bowker

Elizabeth Unknown

(before 1823 - )
     Elizabeth died in New South Wales, Australia. She was born before 1823 in Shankill, Armagh, Ireland.
     Elizabeth Unknown married Thomas Colbert.
     Elizabeth Unknown and Thomas Colbert arrived per "Golconda" in 1857 at Sydney. Thomas Colbert, Elizabeth Colbert, members of the Church of England with children John Colbert, 18, (read only) They had a son James & daughter Ann Archer ... in colony.

Children of Elizabeth Unknown and Thomas Colbert

Elizabeth Unknown

     Elizabeth Unknown married William Colbert. Elizabeth was present at Sarah Colbert's christening on 10 April 1831 in Modreeny, Tipperary, Ireland.

Child of Elizabeth Unknown and William Colbert

Elizabeth Unknown

( - before 23 November 1767)
     Elizabeth Unknown married Unknown Gooch.
     Elizabeth Gooch married Luke Bland, son of Charles Bland and Mary Unknown (Deer), on 3 August 1766 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. 8th in transcript.
     Elizabeth died of smallpox before 23 November 1767 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was buried on 23 November 1767 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds. Elizabeth, wife of Luke. Also buried at St Mary's, Bury St Edmunds - Elizabeth Bland, from the workhouse 11 April 1767.

Elizabeth Unknown

(before 1660 - before 14 May 1676)
     Elizabeth Unknown was born before 1660.
     Elizabeth Unknown married Richard Parfray.
     Elizabeth died before 14 May 1676 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. She was buried on 14 May 1676 in Stowlangtoft.

Children of Elizabeth Unknown and Richard Parfray

Elizabeth Unknown

(before 1810 - )
     Elizabeth Unknown was born before 1810.
     Elizabeth Unknown married George Cocksedge, son of James Cocksedge and Rebecca Crick.

Child of Elizabeth Unknown and George Cocksedge

Elizabeth Unknown

(before 1610 - )
     Elizabeth Unknown was born before 1610.
     Elizabeth Unknown married John Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge, circa 1619 in Suffolk.

Child of Elizabeth Unknown and John Cocksedge