Martha Unknown

(say 1750 - before 2 November 1792)
     Martha Unknown was born say 1750.
     Martha died before 2 November 1792 in Cawthorne, Yorkshire. She was buried on 2 November 1792 in Cawthorne, YKS. Martha Rich? widow.

Martha Unknown

(say 1660 - before 31 May 1701)
     Martha Unknown was born say 1660.
     Martha Unknown married Amor Rich, son of Edward Rich and Ellen Street, before 1680? In Yorkshire, England.
     Consistory Court. Case:Defamation (sexual slander)Has deposition; Has libel; Has sentence. Outcome:plaintiff won. Date: 11/4/1688 — 26/7/1688
William Batey [Batty; Battie], plaintiff v. Martha Rich defendant, wife of Emor Rich. Penistone (YorkshireWestRiding).
     She was the defendant and loser in a Consistory Court defamation (sexual slander) case. Date:11/4/1688 - 26/7/1688. William Batey [Batty; Battie], plaintiff V. Martha Richdefendant, wife of Emor Rich, Penistone. John Preston, prosecution proctor, Notary Public, ThomasLea[Lee], defence proctor; Notary Public. Witnesses: Elias Walton37, clothmaker, Thurlstone; Elizabeth Haig[Haigh]22;spinster, Gowker; Nathaniel Crossland[Crosland], 23, clothier, Thurlstone.
     Martha died before 31 May 1701 in Penistone, Yorkshire. She was buried on 31 May 1701 in Penistone. Sepulti Martha uxor Emor Riche.

Children of Martha Unknown and Amor Rich

Martha Unknown

     Martha Unknown married William Bland before April 1670.

Children of Martha Unknown and William Bland

Martha Unknown

(circa 1800 - )
     Martha Unknown was born circa 1800 in Yorkshire.
     Martha Unknown married William Rich, son of Mary Rich, on 12 May 1839?. A William Rich married in London City Registration District in the June quarter of 1839. The marriage was solmnized at the parish church of St Michael Queenhithe, in the City of London on Sunday May 12 1839, William Rich, aged 42, bchelor, farmer of 14 Queenhithe, son of John Rich, merchant, to, Martha Shaw, 41, spinster, of 14 Queenhithe, daughter of John Shaw, farmer. Both signed in the presence of Amos Rich and Jane Rich. Amos was the son of John Rich, nail merchant.
     Martha Unknown and William Rich appeared on the 1841 census in Mortomley Lane End, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. William Rich, 40, farmer, Martha 40, John 1, all born in the county. I am unsure which William survived - son of Ann or Mary?.
     Martha Unknown and William Rich were recorded on the 1851 census in Lane End, Ecclesfield. William Rich, 54, farm manager bailiff, his wife Martha, 53, sons John 11?, Wm 8, both ag labs, all born at Ecclesfield, with a lodger John York and his wife Caroline.
     Martha Unknown and William Rich appeared on the 1861 census in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. William Rich, aged 66, Martha Rich aged 63, John Rich aged 21, William Rich aged 18, all born Ecclesfield.

Children of Martha Unknown and William Rich

Martha Unknown

(before March 1803 - )
     Martha Unknown was born before March 1803 in Grimston, Norfolk.
     Martha Unknown married Samuel Bowker, son of David Bowker and Elizabeth Doggit, circa 1825.
     Martha Unknown and Samuel Bowker were recorded on the 1851 census in Denver, Norfolk. Samuel Bowker, 58, collector of tonage?, born Walton Nth; with his wife Martha aged 48, born Grimston, Nfk; and their children Harriett, 25, unmarried, Martha 18, Emily 16, George 14, Caroline 11, Martin 8, all born at Denver and nephew Wiliam Parkinson, aged 11, born Peterboroug.

Children of Martha Unknown and Samuel Bowker

Martha Unknown

     Martha Unknown married John Stanser before 1836.
     Martha Unknown and John Stanser were recorded on the 1851 census in 6 Redcliffe Buildings, Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe, Gloucestershire. John Stancer, head, married 40, mariner, born Weymouth, Dorset, his wife Martha 34, born St Mary Redcliffe, daughter Silena Stancer 14, vest maker, Maria Stancer, 12, scholar, son John Stancer 8, all born St Mary Recliffe, Bristol. with a lodger Mary Williams, widow aged 58, parish pay.

Children of Martha Unknown and John Stanser

Martha Unknown (Alderton)

(circa 1802 - before 7 April 1867)
     Martha Unknown (Alderton) was born circa 1802 in Otley, Suffolk. Martha Unknown (Alderton) was also known as Alderton in records.
     Martha Alderton married William Cocksedge before 1 July 1845 in Stow RD, Suffolk.
     Martha Unknown (Alderton) and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Bear Corner, Beyton. William Cocksedge, aged 42, ag. lab, born Beyton, Martha 45, born Otley, Emma 4, born Beyton, George aged 1 born Beyton, Ann Alderton, daughter in law, unmarried, 21, born Hessett, William Alderton, son in law, 19, ag. lab., Charles Alderton, 15, ditto.
     Martha Unknown (Alderton) and William Cocksedge appeared on the 1861 census in Drinkstone Road, Beyton. William Cocksedge, head, aged 52, agricultural labourer, born Beyton with his wife Martha aged 58, born Otley and children Charles Alderton (step? son) aged 22 ag. lab, Emma aged 12, a nurse girl and George aged 11 a shepherd's pay?, the latter two born at Beyton and Charles at Hessett.
     Martha died before 7 April 1867 in Beyton, Suffolk. She was buried on 7 April 1867 in Beyton.

Children of Martha Unknown (Alderton) and William Cocksedge

Martha Unknown (Banks)

(say 1630 - before 13 January 1655/56)
     Martha Unknown (Banks) was born say 1630.
     Martha Unknown (Banks) married Arthur Banks of Stockdall, Settle, son of Joseph Banks of Settle and Agnes Newhouse, say 1654.
     Martha died before 13 January 1655/56 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire. She was buried on 13 January 1655/56 in Giggleswick.

Child of Martha Unknown (Banks) and Arthur Banks of Stockdall, Settle

Martha Unknown (Barnes)

     Martha Unknown (Barnes) was also known as Martha Barnes in records.
     Martha Barnes married Thomas Stancer in 1731 in Fillingham, Lincolnshire.

Martha Unknown (Campion)

(before 1630 - )
     Martha Unknown (Campion) was born before 1630.
     Martha Unknown (Campion) married Henry Rowland Campion before 1633.
     In Henry Rowland Campion's will dated 5 March 1650/51 in Lissington, Martha Unknown (Campion) was named as heir; Henry Rowland Campion's will mentions his wife Martha and daughter Margaret Ryther: I Rowland Campion of Lissington, Lincs. clerke doe ordaine constitute and make this my last will and testament ... I give to Martha my wife four ... English money and half the household goods, also I give to her the ... her before my marriage ... her natural life, also I give to Michaell Pau... sonne of Michaell ... of Middle Rasen late ... the summe of forty pounds who hee shall ... 21, also I give to Robert White x.. a year during his naturall life, also I give him a cowe Also to Isabell Baker a cow; the rest of my goods unbequeathed I give unto my daughter Margarett Ryther whom I make my sole executrixe of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have herunto sett my hands the day year ... above written: Rowland Campion: Witness Robert Ryther, Peter ..., Richard Baker.

Martha Unknown (Jacob)

(say 1670 - after 1688)
     Martha Unknown (Jacob) was born say 1670.
     Martha Unknown (Jacob) married Thomas Jacob, son of Edmund Jacob and Sara Stevens, before 1688.
     Martha died after 1688.

Martha Unknown (Moore)

(say 1650 - )
     Martha died in Barbados. She was born say 1650.
     Martha Unknown (Moore) married Edward Moore before 1684 in Barbados. An Edward Moore married a Jone Neagle 9 Aug 1684 at St Michael Barbadoes..

Children of Martha Unknown (Moore) and Edward Moore

Martha Unknown (Seadon)

( - before 19 November 1761)
     Martha Unknown (Seadon) married Richard Seaton, son of John Seaton and Sarah Cutting, before 1750.
     Martha died before 19 November 1761 in Drinkstone, Suffolk.

Children of Martha Unknown (Seadon) and Richard Seaton

Martha Unknown (Williams)

( - 11 May 1856)
     Martha Unknown (Williams) married Michael Williams.
     Martha died on 11 May 1856 in Williamstown, Nurney, Kildare, Ireland.

Children of Martha Unknown (Williams) and Michael Williams

Martha Alice Unknown

(1903 - 20 August 1975)
     Martha Alice Unknown was born in 1903.
     Martha Alice Unknown married Samuel Edward Charles Bullett.
     Martha died on 20 August 1975 in Rougham, Suffolk. She was buried after 20 August 1975 in Rougham.

Martha? Unknown

( - before 3 January 1780)
     Martha? Unknown married Thomas Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Margaret Bird, on 7 December 1752?. The IGI has a patron submission stating that he married Martha Silvester and had a son Thomas. However I had linked that marriage to the son of John & Susan Gibbs (which John died 1734).
     Martha? died before 3 January 1780 in Stansfield, Suffolk. She was buried on 3 January 1780 in Stansfield. Martha, wife of Thomas Cocksedge.

Child of Martha? Unknown and Thomas Cocksedge

Mary Unknown

( - after 1852)
     Mary Unknown was born in Tipperary, Ireland.
     A Mary Colbert was listed in the Griffith Valuation (1852) in Loughaun, Modreeny for 10/-. There was only one William listed in Modreeny but no Margaret which suggests that Mary's William was dead.
     Mary Unknown married William Colbert in Tipperary. Mary was present at Ellen Colbert's christening on 26 December 1830 in Modreeny, Tipperary, Ireland. Mary was present at Maria Colbert's christening on 9 June 1833 in Modreeny, TIP, IRL. Mary was present at Samuel Colbert's christening on 12 April 1835 in Modreeny, TIP, IRL. Mary was present at James Colbert's christening on 9 April 1837 in Modreeny, TIP, IRL.
     Mary died after 1852 in Tipperary.

Children of Mary Unknown and William Colbert

Mary Unknown

(circa 1813 - 2 September 1875)
     Mary Unknown was born circa 1813 in Waterford, Ireland.
     Mary Unknown married Edmund Colbert, son of John Colbert, before 1846 in Waterford.
     Mary Unknown arrived per "Isle of Thanet" on 24 October 1854 at Adelaide, South Australia. She claimed to be aged 35, but probably reduced her age to qualify.
     Mary died on 2 September 1875 in Tarlee, Kapunda, South Australia.

Children of Mary Unknown and Edmund Colbert

Mary Unknown

( - after 1856)
     Mary Unknown married Michael or Richard Colbert in Waterford, Ireland. Mary Unknown was born in Waterford.
     Mary died after 1856 in Waterford.

Children of Mary Unknown and Michael or Richard Colbert

Mary Unknown

( - after 1852)
     Her maritul status is unknown..
     Mary Unknown lived at Garryduff, Newcastle, Tipperary, Ireland, 1852.
     Mary died after 1852 in Tipperary, Ireland.

Mary Unknown

     Mary Unknown married John Colbert.

Child of Mary Unknown and John Colbert

Mary Unknown

(circa 1860 - after 1906)
     Mary Unknown was born circa 1860.
     Mary Unknown married Maurice Colbert.
     Mary died after 1906 in Glenaphuca, Dungourney, Cork, Ireland.

Mary Unknown

(circa 1811 - 1 January 1870)
     Mary Unknown was born circa 1811 in Cork, Ireland.
     Mary Unknown married John Colbert (of Dungourney).
     Mary died on 1 January 1870 in Glenaphuca, Dungourney, Cork, Ireland. She was buried in Dangandonovan, Cork, Ireland.

Children of Mary Unknown and John Colbert (of Dungourney)

Mary Unknown

(before 1615 - before 28 July 1640)
     Mary Unknown was born before 1615 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Unknown married John Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge, before 1630 in Suffolk.
     Mary died before 28 July 1640 in The Green, Rougham, Suffolk, England. She was buried on 28 July 1640 in Rougham, Suffolk. Mary, the wife of John Cocksage on the Green.

Children of Mary Unknown and John Cocksedge

Mary Unknown

(circa 1790 - before 1835)
     Mary Unknown was born circa 1790 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Unknown married John Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Mary Whitehead, before 1825 in Suffolk.
     Mary died before 1835 in Bardwell, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Unknown and John Cocksedge

Mary Unknown

(before 1665 - )
     Mary Unknown was born before 1665 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Unknown married William Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Mary Unknown, before 1683 in Suffolk. Which William?.

Child of Mary Unknown and William Cocksedge

Mary Unknown

(before 1620 - circa 1689)
     Mary Unknown was born before 1620 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Unknown married George Cocksedge, son of George Cocksedge and Dorothy Groom, on 23 June 1636 in Buxhall, Suffolk.
     Mary Unknown was mentioned in the will of George Cocksedge dated 2 October 1679.
     Mary Unknown made a will dated 28 August 1687 in Buxhall. She is a widow and mentions her daughter Susan, the wife of Thomas Penninge and her daughter Anne Cocksedge, spinster who is to be sole executor.
     Mary died circa 1689.
     Her will was proved in July 1689 at Sudbury.

Children of Mary Unknown and George Cocksedge

Mary Unknown

(before April 1682 - 28 April 1757)
     Mary Unknown was born before April 1682 in Suffolk.
     Mary Unknown married Simon Cocksedge, son of Thomas Cocksedge and Bridget Lambe, before 1712 in Suffolk. Boyd lists a Sam & Mary Gregs marrying in 1713 at Bacton.
     Mary died on 28 April 1757 in Elmswell, Suffolk. Mary Cocksedge,aged74, widow & relict of Simon Cocksedge, late of Elmswell gent. She was buried on 2 May 1757 in Drinkstone.

Child of Mary Unknown and Simon Cocksedge

Mary Unknown

(circa 1719 - 29 August 1783)
     Mary Unknown was born circa 1719 in Suffolk.
     Mary Unknown married John Cocksedge circa 1740 in Suffolk. This may be Mary Agus who married in 1744 at Stanton or Mary Lincoln who married at Barnham in 1747.
     Mary died on 29 August 1783 in Lt Whelnetham, Suffolk. wife of John, who died Aug 29 1783 aged 64 years. She was buried on 2 September 1783 in Lt Whelnetham.

Mary Unknown

(before 1660 - before 17 September 1700)
     Mary Unknown was born before 1660 in Suffolk.
     Mary Unknown married Henry Cocksedge before 1675 in Suffolk.
     Mary died before 17 September 1700 in Bardwell, Suffolk. She was buried on 17 September 1700 in Bardwell. This may refer to the Mary the daughter of Robert & Mary.

Child of Mary Unknown and Henry Cocksedge