Monica Colbert

(13 March 1916 - 8 March 1994)
     Monica Colbert was born on 13 March 1916 in Leongatha, Victoria. She was the daughter of Charles Patrick Colbert and Catherine Matilda Hogan.
     Monica Colbert married Alan Reginald Scoble in 1936 in Victoria.
     Monica Colbert lived at Berry's Creek Road, Leongatha, Victoria.
     Monica died on 8 March 1994 in the hospital, Mirboo North, Victoria, aged 77.

Murdoch Albert Colbert

(1905 - 8 May 1973)
     Murdoch Albert Colbert was also known as Albert Murdoch in records. He was born in 1905 in Nhill, Victoria. He was the son of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred.
     Murdoch Albert Colbert married Kathleen Sarah Crawford in 1935 in Victoria.
     Murdoch died on 8 May 1973 in Nhill, Victoria. He was buried on 10 May 1973 in Nhill, Victoria. Albert Murd Colbert, husband of Kathleen, Methodist section, aged 67.
     His will was proved on 23 July 1973. He was retired of Nhill.

Myrtle Alice Beatrice Colbert

(28 June 1888 - )
     Myrtle Alice Beatrice Colbert was born on 28 June 1888 in Hundred of Way, South Australia. She was the daughter of Thomas Colbert and Amelia Caroline Lowe.
     Myrtle Alice Beatrice Colbert married William Mahony on 17 November 1909 in the residence of Thomas Colbert, Hundred of Ulipa, South Australia.

Child of Myrtle Alice Beatrice Colbert and William Mahony

Nancy Colbert

(December 1921? - 13 March 1922)
     Nancy Colbert was born in December 1921?. She was the daughter of Sholto Winton McRae Colbert and Marion M Lorentzen.
     Nancy died on 13 March 1922 in St Leonards, New South Wales. She was buried in Rookwood cemetery, Sydney.

Nestor Ethel Colbert (Davis)

(circa 1927 - 1980)
     Nestor Ethel Colbert (Davis) was born circa 1927 in Victoria. She was the daughter of Curtis Colbert and Jessie Alma Parker.
     Nestor died in 1980 in Kew, Victoria.

Nola Lee Colbert

(27 September 1949 - 18 July 2007)
     Nola Lee Colbert was born on 27 September 1949.
     Nola died on 18 July 2007 in Victoria aged 57. She was cremated on 24 July 2007 in The Necropolis, Springvale, Victoria.
     Her will was proved on 22 August 2007 in Victoria.

Nora Colbert

(circa 1854 - )
     Nora Colbert was born circa 1854.
     Nora Colbert arrived per "Durham" on 14 May 1879 at Adelaide, South Australia. She was aged 25.

Nora Mary Colbert

(8 July 1895 - 3 January 1986)
     Nora Mary Colbert was born on 8 July 1895 in Kapunda, South Australia. She was the daughter of Daniel Colbert and Bridget Agnes Reilly.
     Nora Mary Colbert married James Boundy on 23 February 1924 in Goodwood, South Australia.
     Nora died on 3 January 1986 in South Australia aged 90.

Child of Nora Mary Colbert

Norman John Colbert

(28 July 1926 - 8 May 2007)
     Norman John Colbert was born on 28 July 1926 in Victoria. He was the son of William Charles Colbert and Agnes Beatrice Hennigan.
     Norman John Colbert married Joyce Sylvia Unknown.
     He was in the Education Department and also an accountant.
     Norman John Colbert and Joyce Sylvia Unknown lived at 3 Worthing Avenue, Doncaster, Victoria, 1996.
     Norman died on 8 May 2007 in Victoria aged 80.
     His will was proved on 5 September 2007 in Victoria.

Child of Norman John Colbert and Joyce Sylvia Unknown

Norry (Hanora?) Colbert

(1852 - October 1874)
     Norry (Hanora?) Colbert was born in 1852 in Glenaphuca, Dungourney, Cork, Ireland. She was the daughter of John Colbert (of Dungourney) and Mary Unknown.
     Norry died in October 1874 in Dangandonovan, Cork, Ireland. She was buried in Dangandonovan, Cork, IRL.

Olga Frances Colbert

(1898 - 1899)
     Olga Frances Colbert was born in 1898 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia. She was the daughter of John Francis Colbert and Everetta Maud Wilkinson.
     Olga died in 1899 in Warrnambool, Victoria.

Olive Myrtle Callaghan Colbert

(10 October 1894 - )
     Olive Myrtle Callaghan Colbert was born on 10 October 1894 in Kapunda, South Australia. She was the daughter of Michael Colbert and Mary Jane Fudge.
     Olive Myrtle Callaghan Colbert married Frederick Robert Lloyd on 13 November 1915 in Holy Cross, Goodwood, South Australia.

Patricia Ellen Colbert

(3 March 1933 - )
     Patricia Ellen Colbert was born on 3 March 1933 in Leongatha, Victoria. She was the daughter of Charles Gordon Colbert and Alice Josephine Turpin.
     Patricia Ellen Colbert married David MacRobie Lempriere after 8 July 1950 in Victoria. The engagement was announced on 8 July 1950.
     Patricia Ellen Colbert lived at 103 Tambet Street, East Bentleigh, Victoria.

Child of Patricia Ellen Colbert and David MacRobie Lempriere

Patricia Ellen Colbert

(14 May 1941 - 5 May 1999)
     Patricia Ellen Colbert was commonly known as Teesh. She was born on 14 May 1941 in Victoria. She was the daughter of Raymond Michael Colbert and Kathleen Ellen MacDonald.
     Patricia Ellen Colbert married John Martin Moran in 1959 in Victoria.
     Patricia Ellen Colbert lived at 29 Greythorn Road, Balwyn, Victoria.
     Patricia died of ovarian cancer on 5 May 1999 in Melbourne, Victoria, aged 57. She was buried on 12 May 1999 in the cemetery, Templestowe, Victoria.

Patricia Grace Colbert

(November 1924 - December 1924)
     Patricia Grace Colbert was born in November 1924 in Kyabram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Edmond John Colbert and Ellen Mary Kinsella. Patricia Grace Colbert was buried in December 1924 in Kyabram. Aged 6 weeks.
     Patricia died in December 1924 in Kyabram, Victoria.

Patricia Marie Colbert

(25 June 1904 - )
     Patricia Marie Colbert was born on 25 June 1904 in Parkside, South Australia. She was the daughter of Patrick Colbert and Pearl Dunleavy Hill.

Patricia Mary Colbert

(1911 - )
     Patricia Mary Colbert was also known as Patty in records. She was born in 1911 in Carisbrook, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Colbert and Mary Jane Robertson.
     Patricia Mary Colbert married Albert Alfred Solomon in 1932.
     Patricia died in Essendon, Victoria. She lived with Eileen Garrett and there is no record of her death before 1986.

Patrick Colbert

(1801 - )
     Patrick Colbert was also known as William in records. He was born in 1801 in Clonmel, Cork, Ireland. He was transported to New South Wales, Australia, arriving 8 February 1832. Patrick alias William Colbert, arrived on the "Norfolk", aged 30. He could read & write, married with 2 sons & 1 daughter, Protestant. Native of Clonmel, trade - clothier, convicted of stealing bank notes, tried at Tipperary 25 March 1831, 7 years, no previous convictions. 5'4.5", ruddy complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes.
     He received a Certificate of Freedom on 3 Oct 1839 [39/1689], born Clonmell, tried Tipperary Spring Assizes 1831. Sentenced for 7 yars, born 1801, 5'4". He had a scar along right eyebrow.

Patrick Colbert

(1869 - 1913?)
     Patrick Colbert was born in 1869 in Richmond, Victoria. He was the son of Thomas Colbert and Johanna Baldwin.
     Patrick died in 1913? In Urana district, New South Wales.

Patrick Colbert

(1871 - )
     Patrick Colbert was born in 1871 in South Australia. He was the son of John Colbert and Alice O'Brien.

Patrick Colbert

(circa 1809 - 11 November 1885)
     Patrick Colbert was born circa 1809 in Dungarven?, Waterford, Ireland. He may have also been born 1813.
     Patrick Colbert was accused in the criminal court for on 30 October 1849 in Waterford, Ireland. He was tried on 26 Oct and given a 10 year sentence for housebreaking, being a habitual thief. He was single, aged 40, antive of co. Waterford and could read a little. He was transported to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, arriving 12 February 1853. He arrived on the ship "Rodney" from Queenstown (Cork, Ireland) having departed 24 Nov 1852.
     Patrick Colbert married Margaret Connors on 26 December 1854 in Hobart, TAS. He was possibly the Patrick aged 40 who married Margaret aged 35, but his age doesn't match is trial record. He had received his ticket of leave on 5 Sep 1854.
     In his conduct record, he was described as a labourer, 5 foot, 7 1/4 inches in height, aged 40, sallow complexion, round head, dark brown hair, oval visage, high forehead, medium eyebrows, grey eyes, medium nose, small chin, with a scar under his left eye.
He was granted a ticket of leave 5 Sep 1854 and received a conditional pardon 17 July 1855.
     Patrick died on 11 November 1885 in Hobart, TAS. A Patrick Colbert died at Hobart 11 Nov 1885 aged 72.

Patrick Colbert

(4 March 1816 - 30 June 1876)
     Patrick Colbert was also known as Colebert in records. He was christened on 4 March 1816 in Fermoy, Cork, Ireland. There was no Garret Colbert as head of household in Cork by 1852 valuation. By the naming patterns he should be the son of Thomas & Catherine - a Thomas Colbert was living at Mogeely (Conna) at the 1852 Valuation of Ireland, also a Thomas at Macroney and another at Ballynoe; also one at Lismore, Waterford. No Garret in the Ancestry version of the Tithe Applotment books in Fermanagh. He was the son of Garret Colbert and Bridget Toohill?
     Patrick Colbert married Johanna Bourke on 2 August 1839 in Fermoy, Cork. Stephen Colbert states it was 2 August. Patrick was a labourer. M2.
     Patrick Colbert and Johanna Bourke arrived per "Elphinstone" on 8 October 1840 at Sydney, New South Wales. He departed Plymouth 3 June 1840, as a bounty immigrant with wife Johannah. Elphinstone 425 tons under Capt. T Fremlin, 26 crew, 12 passengers, 248 bounty immigrants: Patrick Colbert - brought out by Mr Gapper, Native of Fermoy, son of Garret Coleburt, farm labourer, aged 24 years on embarkation, Person certifying register of baptism 4 March 1816 J Murphy, C Vicar, character and person certifying the same James Morrough, Esq. manager of the National Bank of Ireland, Fermoy, Good health, Reads & writes, Roman Catholic; Bounty immigrants: Johannah Coleburt, wife of Patrick, daughter of Th. Bourke, a shoemaker and Norry Spilane, house servant, aged 24 years on embarkation, native of Fermoy, Person certifying registry of baptism 2 Feb 1820 J Murphy, C. vicar. good health, read & writes, Roman Catholic.
     Patrick died on 30 June 1876 in Liverpool Hospital, New South Wales, aged 60. He died of fatty disease of the heart & congestion of the lungs. He was buried in Liverpool.

Children of Patrick Colbert and Johanna Bourke

Patrick Colbert

(before 1829 - )
     Patrick Colbert was born before 1829 in Cork, Ireland. He was the son of John Colbert.      
Patrick Colbert paid the Griffith Valuation in 1850 in Killaseragh, Ballynoe, Cork, Ireland. In the 1850 valuation at Killaseragh, Patrick Colbert leases a house, offices and 27 acres of land valued at £16.7.0 from the Duke of Devonshire, and sublets a house and garden to Johanna Morrison worth 13/-. He did not hold land in the townland in 1833 but a John Colbert held 28 acres there who does not appear in the 1850 valuation.
     Patrick died in Ballynoe, Kinnatalloon, Cork, Ireland.

Patrick Colbert

(circa 1787 - 4 December 1864)
     John Colbert of Ballymounteen, who erected the stone to his father Patrick and his brothers (#54) - he himself died in 1902 - was known as "Sean Padraig". He and his brothers were tough, rough and garrulous men of great strength. In the matter of physique their father Padraig (d.1864) set a good headline. On one occasion he was carting a ton of oats from Curriglass to Tallow when the horse refused the task. Undaunted, Padraig uncoupled the animal, got between the shafts himself, and hauled the load the two miles to its destination. [Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society no.233-4 (1976) p.113].. Patrick Colbert was born circa 1787 in Ballynoe, Kinnatalloon, Cork, Ireland.
     Patrick Colbert married Mary Ahern.      
Patrick Colbert was assessed for the tithes in 1833 in Kilphillibeen, Ballynoe, Cork, Ireland. A Patrick Colbert held 23 acres in Kilphilbeen in 1833 [Tithe Applotment Books], also listed there are John with 69 acres & Daniel with 11 acres.      
Patrick Colbert was assessed for tax in 1850 in Kilphillibeen, Ballynoe, Cork, IRL. In the 1850 Valuation Patrick Colbert is listed at Kilphillibeen leasing a house and 23 acres land from the Duke of Devonshire, the house being valued at 6/-, he also has a vacant cottage valued at 4/-. John Colbert also leases a house, offices & 67 acres of land from the Duke in the same townland and has a vacant cottage valued at 11/-. Daniel is no longer listed.
     Patrick died on 4 December 1864 in Kilphillibeen, Ballynoe, Cork, IRL. He was buried in Clonmult, Cork, Ireland.

Children of Patrick Colbert and Mary Ahern

Patrick Colbert

(circa 1721 - 24 June 1768)
     Patrick Colbert was born circa 1721 in Cork, Ireland.
     Patrick Colbert lived at Ballygibbeen, Mogeely, Cork, Ireland.
     In 1766 there was only one Patrick Colebert, living at Castlemartyr, but a Patrick Coleborn at Clondullane.
     Patrick died on 24 June 1768 in Dangandonovan, Cork, Ireland.
     The administration of his estate was granted in 1769 in Cloyne, Cork. This Patrick, would seem to be the same Patrick Colbert, farmer Ballygibbeen (recte Bally gibbon, parish of Mogeely) whose name appears in the Cloyne index to Adm. Bonds. for 1769.

Patrick Colbert

(before 1805 - after 1825)
     Patrick Colbert was born before 1805.
     Patrick died after 1825 in Castlelyons, Cork, Ireland.

Patrick Colbert

(before 1835 - )
     Patrick Colbert was born before 1835.

Child of Patrick Colbert

Patrick Colbert

     Patrick Colbert married Pearl Dunleavy Hill.

Child of Patrick Colbert and Pearl Dunleavy Hill

Patrick Colbert

     Patrick Colbert married Mary Killigan before 1839 in Ireland.

Child of Patrick Colbert and Mary Killigan

Patrick Colbert

(circa 1760 - 31 May 1815)
     Patrick Colbert was born circa 1760 in Cloyne, Cork, Ireland.
     Patrick Colbert married Bridget A'Hearn on 22 July 1795 in Aghada, Cork. He was of Cloyne and she of Aghada, both single, Roman Catholics; witnessed by William Kearny & Denis McCarthy.
     Patrick died on 31 May 1815 in Bohillane or Boughellane, Cloyne, Cork, Ireland. He was buried in Cloyne.

Children of Patrick Colbert and Bridget A'Hearn